The Touring Shoppe provides Parts, Service & Restoration of Rolls Royce & Bentleys Exclusively! re-est. 2005
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Our web site is being upgraded regularly as our web site was a victim by a random hacker September 2009! We lost most pictures of previous restoration projects. And again this April this year hacked all picture files.

Current labor rate for service has been changed to $125 per hour, all charges are per the factory man hour schedule (customers are invited to review the manual), Mechanical rebuilding $95 per hour and $75per hour on all restoration projects.

November 2005 Moved into currently facilities from private collection facility from the SW of LV.

Sept 2009 entire web site destroyed along with all DB file history.

May 2009 upgraded of our test engine stand, so we may test the hydraulic pumps and accumulators.

May 2010 test run being conducted new modified 6750 V8, HP projections soon, approval which also includes test of upgraded piston design.

June 2010 designed a new sleeve puller as the factory hydraulic unit did not have enough pull!

June 2010 had a tool manufactured to check main cap alignment for both early and late V8's.

July 2010 announced new packaged engine rebuild pricing for both Cloud era 6's and V8's see services.

Sept 2010 Engine building  department has expanded the type engines we now additionally restore the 20/25, 25/30 and the later Wraith and Bentley VI engines.

April 2011 New Sleeve O ring production order has been placed reducing prices from retail of $24 to $7 each

May 2010 Test run being conducted new modified 6750 V8, HP projections soon, approval which also includes test of upgraded piston design.

January 2011 Tested new modified 6750 V8 very responsive decided to modify heads.

June 2011 ported new heads and adding new conical springs and valves should test next month

July 2011 Began research on Modify intake manifold to 650cfm intake from SU's 400cfm.

July 2011 Tested new modified engine ran better than our expectations.

Nov 2011 Installed modified engine in 69 SS hope to run performances test this year.

Dec 2011 Modified engine installed in the 69 we converted to factory dual exhaust required
frame conversion and change of emergency brake system.

Jan 2012 Our 69 Shadow had it first street testing, very impressive, exhaust work needs to be completed next.

January 2012 We completed the Spirit Spur Mahogany door panels see parts for pictures.

February 2012 We have just engineered custom water pump bearings and seals which will allow us to offer rebuilt water pumps retail $250.

February 2012 We have just located original windshield wiper refills for only $7.50 each.

March 2012 Ran a Fuel Injected 1986 Spur on our test engine stand see

May 2012 We have just added a Facebook link to our home page (well were trying).

June 2012 Changed hydraulic lifter manufacturer now US made.

June 2012 Now have custom gear drive starters for clouds, Shadows, Spurs etc.

June 2012 Having custom rocker arms made that are adjustable able to silence wear in valve train.

August 2012 Began design of parts page with picture, part # and check out on line.

October 2012 New parts on line system has been created and the format tested.

December 2012 New parts web format working on layout hope to bring on line soon.

February 2013 New Parts web format still be programmed, if It and programmers could talk with each other this could get finished.

September 2013 Our paint department is in high gear we have four completes in line at this time.

October 2013 We have begun construction of a new Prep station and paint booth building.

November 2013 three engines were completed and run on test engine stand see engine rebuild.

December 2013 New paint building permits delayed again.

January 2014 New Parts Web Page is currently in Beta test mode more soon.

March 2014 Beta parts page launched waiting for links from IT department, Corniche engine finished will install April.

April 2014 Beta parts site should be up any moment see, received prep station building permit it is now installed. Permanent release issued.

June 2014 web site very close site will go up and down for rest of month and all our pictures were hacked for a ransom to release them, this is one of the latest scams what an honor to have these assholes get us.

August 1 2014 Parts site is up but commerce site not operating yet should be any day.

August 14 2014 Parts is is up and commerce working with security, last few changes being made in check out and its submits to the merchant provider for the issuance of certificate and site goes live one more week.

August 21 2014 Commerce site approved, Internet down cannot activate E-commerce page until new internet (Century Link could not repair) |Cox  installation completed, then IT has to reprogram routers could be up by, routers repaired August 28th

September 1 2014 New Internet up, now SSL not working due to change in IP's so that will be programmed tomorrow,  E-commerce being worked on, should all be up the 2nd then FedEx module needs to be upgraded somewhere this week, it should all be working!

September 5 2014 Parts. site is up, commerce is up, FedEx shipping module is not, we'll see on Monday.

September 10 2014 had a Network router setting issue now repaired, now new Linux server was hacked being repaired now, remote setting need to be reset so programmers can finish.

September 13 2014 We have now been hacked by the Chinese and are forced to I Cloud our web hosting (after 20 years of hosting our own web services) this has begun today.

September 17 2014 We have moved our sites to VPS and our sites are now live, we have two final issues, the SSL certificate must be tested being done now and then reload FedEx shipping module tonight.

September 24 2014 Site is live SSL is working FedEx module is not. talking to several companies to get it done.

October 3rd 2014 New Parts  site had to be resigned which is complete and all Zen cart issues corrected, an additional FedEx module being applied allows for better status confirmation and PayPal module is working site should go active any moment. New site is now live!

April 2015 We have opened a new complete paint facility NOW Closed and our web site for parts is operating our immediate goal is correcting each part URL so that they appear on Google searches.

January 2016 Our goal Rolls Royce inventory listed via part # on Google  has failed we are still on it.

January Engine rebuild department we have started an assembly line for engines to increase our turn around time.

January 2017 Finished another engine see You Tube link on engine rebuild page.

November 2018 no time to write current status we are here.

October 2020 We have closed and moved to Pahrump still sell parts and give free advice.

November 2020 we are here and here and doing it as we said.

March 2022 doing much better with parts and we are beginning engine rebuilding we are building now!

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