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FAQ  The need to know how to maintain your Rolls Royce and Bentley.

1. Cooling system, weep holes, four on each side of all V8's allows for coolant to escape when the number 2 o ring around the sleeve is failing. This keeps water from being forced into the oil pan, however when leakage appears it means the engine can no longer hold pressure in the cooling system and will require rebuilding. We use the BMW blue anti freeze.
    a. Internal damage can be avoided by replacing Anti freeze every three Years and never over heat.  Clouds and early Shadows in warmer weather should have an additional electrical push fan installed see http://Touringshoppe.com/servicing.html. All Rolls with push fans should have manual over ride switch installed.

2. Brake Fluid for all Shadows must be Castrol RR363, NOT regular DOT 3
Brake Fluid. Use of DOT 3 will destroy the rubber seals and hoses throughout the entire brake system.

    a. Hydraulic system will last forever if the brake fluid is replaced every three years.

    b. To change the hydraulic fluid simply bleed at the calipers, all four front and all four rear bleeder valves. If the fluid is very brown or black it is advisable to take the lid off the reservoir and clean thoroughly, new cork gaskets are required. Complete bleeding will require up to four liters if in bad shape.

    c. Brake hoses go bad with time cause contamination of the system even lock up the brakes they are inexpensive, there are 14 when you inspect you cannot see the internally therefore sign of Black particles when bleeding tells you stop and start changing them.

3.  Engine oil the older engines need racing oil which has the additives the older oils had like zinc and phosphates. 20/50 recommended grade.

4. For the seldom used  start monthly, take around the block for the Shadows and later be sure to run the A/C and heater back and worth. For these vehicles use gas additives and transmission trans lube, also a pt. of Marvel Mystery oil in the engine.

5. Ignition all pre 77 use points in the ignition, we highly recommend conversion to factory stock fitted Pertronix electronic ignition and high out put coil which allows the plug gap to be opened to .040 (bigger spark higher performance, improved cold start and gas mileage). We all know about points so, nothing like taking the baby out to end up stranded in front of a restaurant with friends. Cost around $400 (varies with model) plus installation.

6. The main problem we see, engines with stuck valves due to bad gas, add gas stabilizer and keep tank full. If she has sat for over a year even when treated, before starting test the gas first, we use the old smell test. A little effort will save $'s.

7. For leather conditioner we use Lexol.