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Rolls Royce & Bentleys exclusively!

Our inventory of parts are both new and or used, new are OEM and or aftermarket which are many times the same manufacturer as the OEM's (Rolls doesn't manufacture) in some cases our aftermarket parts are superior to the OEM's also our used inventory are for Silver Clouds,  Shadows, Spirits, Spurs, Mulsanne, Brooklands models , We are also adding parts for the modern Bentleys.

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 Engine Parts , Gaskets and Rebuild Kits
        Silver Dawn and Bentley R
            Top end rebuild Kit

        Cloud II, III and Shadow V8
            Valve rebuild kit with optional SS springs and beehive spring kit
             Complete engine rebuild kit for V8

Heads Rebuilt with all modern parts, stainless steel valves, beehive springs, retainers and modern Teflon valve seals.
        Complete rebuild heads with modern parts $1250
        Parts as listed $850

Water Pumps all rebuilt in house
    Cloud I                                   
    Cloud II & III                          
    Shadow 1001-11111         
$245 exchange
    Shadow 11112-11894       
$245 exchange
    Shadow 1972-on              
 $245 exchange
    Spirit Spur 81-82               
$245 exchange
    Spirit Spur 82-87               
$265 exchange must have original to rebuild there are 4 versions

Wood Refinish and custom See Burlwood


Shipping policy we do not charge a handling fee and ship via Federal Express per the actual request, normally all orders placed before 2 pm ship that day.