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Rolls Royce engine rebuild program with complete price quotes.

We are not rebuilding as we have moved, we will build a new rebuild facility come back next year!

The Touring Shoppe in house engine rebuilding and testing program are complete with a life time guarantee. Basically Rolls built two engines post WWII, these two engine types cover the Silver Dawn, Wraith,  Phantom IV, Cloud I and MkVI, R-Type & R-Type Continental and SI   cylinder 1948 to 1959 then the Silver Cloud II, Cloud III, Shadow, Shadow II, Wraith II, Corniche's, Azure, Spirit, Spur, Turbo R, Phantom V and SII, SIII, T-type, Mulsanne and Arnage V8's from 1959  to 1998.  Bentley continues with the V8 design. We have recently expanded to the 20/25 & 25/30's (from the 1930's), we also stock spare engines and parts.

The regular machine shop's that say "they can rebuild Rolls Royce engines as an engine is an engine", it's just not true. Good example all Rolls V-8's are sleeved, there are three O rings on each sleeve. Now consider, could O rings forty years old still be pliable? Now ask your machine shop how they remove the sleeves (don't believe the diesel story), (the sleeves require a specially designed sleeve remover tool (factory unit does not have enough ump)). Then ask what the sleeve clearances to the block should be or what sealant they use to seal the sleeve rings to the block (if they have ever pulled a RR sleeve). Sleeves often become warped (out of round), what pistons do they use, oversize factory cost a fortune. When they disassemble the engine, what do they use to take the locking bolts off the crankshaft end (with a chisel I bet). We have the special tools and knowledge.

Reasonable in price experienced with knowledge and then our special equipment, like a test engine stands set up for Rolls engines. Probably the only one in the west, and we break-in, test and tune all rebuilds.

We offer many special parts & services such as custom pistons 9 to1, Shadow V8's began with this compression ratio then reduced the ratio to meet emission standards clear down to 6.7 to 1 we can the replace these pistons with superior pistons and rings for $1,295. Factory rings alone are $750 not to mention the sleeve piston cost, we find boring the sleeves to be more than adequate rather than replacing them, however we also can replace the sleeves with aftermarket that are far more accurate than the factory style not requiring the ABC factory matching (this was done as they were unable to hold casting & machine standards of today).

 We use custom US manufactured and machined hydraulic lifters $355 per set guaranteed, rather than the inferior factory costing $780.

Silver Dawn, Wraith,  Phantom IV, Cloud I and MkVI, R-Type & R-Type Continental and SI 6 cylinder  Rebuilt Price Quote includes; new custom pistons & rings, rod & main bearings, heads rebuilt with valve seal replacement,  complete gasket and seal replacement, standard machine work, engine stand break-in $6,495**

Silver Cloud II, Cloud III, Shadow, Shadow II, Wraith II, Corniche, Azure, Spirit, Spur, Turbo R, Phantom V and SII, SIII, T-type, Mulsanne and Arnage  V8's(special agreement required) Rebuilt Price Quote includes; block tank, pull sleeves, hand clean inner block areas new pistons* & rings* (price reduced if original pistons are used, rings cost is added),  rod and main bearings* (price reduced when bearings don't need to be replaced) , lifters*, refinished cam, sleeves removed and new sleeve O rings, rebuilding heads including milling and valve grind and installation of new valve guide seals PC type*, rebuilding hydraulic pumps (accumulator rebuilding extra). List parts used to rebuild engine. Break in and tune on test engine stand, includes testing of hydraulic system $7845**. Cloud II& III reduce $200, injected engines increase $200. Break in and engine tuning is included we now offer the option to not tune/break in engine which reduces the price $750 warranty changes from life time to 1 year!

Performance Modifications on V8's Modified Engine work includes upgraded cam as the original general tuning is very conservative, we therefore replace the cam with a modified cam and our own custom US made hydraulic lifters, add modern design pistons 9 to 1 (very well known company) (the original engines were not this ratio, however block modifications are not required), engine balance, we do head upgrades with stainless steel valves, beehive springs, retainers and head porting, carburetors are re jetting and add an electronic ignition with distributor advance adjustments, the performance will increase approximately 150 hp. This is with dual exhaust and modern low resistance cats.  This 150 HP increase (very conservative est.), the engine HP ratings varied between 1960 to to 1996. $9345**. Injected add $500 special injection options available.

To open agreements it will ask if you want to open and will take a few minutes to open.

Engine remove and replace for Shadow or Spirit/Spur, Corniche remove and replace agreement
Engine remove and replace for Silver Cloud II&III. remove and replace agreement
Engine rebuild & R&R for Silver Shadow or Spirit/Spur remove and replace and engine rebuild  agreement sample.
Rolls Royce rebuild for a Rolls Royce V8 1966-1998 rebuild agreement sample.
Rolls Royce rebuild for a Rolls Royce V8 1959-1965  rebuild agreement sample
Engine remove and replace for Silver Cloud I remove and replace agreement
6 Cyl. Engine rebuild agreement sample

Custom Head rebuild highly recommended when rebuilding V*'see Heads


    ** price does not include repair of cracks in block, damaged or boring sleeves, true decking of block or repair of any stud problems, heads or crankshaft repairs (damage out of normal wear), mains line boring, cam bearing installation, valve guide replacement, valve springs, valve replacement, peripheral part repairs i.e. water pump, carburetors, starter, alternator/generator, accumulator rebuilding, engine balance, and all fluids and filters etc.

We accept engines on pallets or we remove the engines per the following.

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We are building a new display of engines we have rebuilt or are rebuilding, soon you will be able to click on  each picture for details.

To view engines running on YouTube simply click on the links: 1979 Silver Wraith II, 86 Silver Spur,

 64 Silver Cloud III , 1975 Silver Shadow,

1976 Silver Shadow , 1973 Corniche , 1962 Cloud II

1982 Silver Spur,  1973 Corniche again 73 being driven  1986 Silver Spur engine

1962 Silver Cloud II


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