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following parts, gaskets and O rings are used when we  at The Touring Shoppe rebuild a Rolls Royce V-8, for the do it yourselfers your may order them see,
the cost of these parts @ Parts List

Part Number Part Description
Custom US Piston and Rings wrist pins
PB-109281-PA Rod Bearing Standard
RH2084 Main Bearing Standard
RH7223 Hydraulic Lifters custom made by TTS
ue42838 Rubber Rocker Bushing
Custom US refinish cam


Standard engine rebuild work

Power wash engine, clean all engine parts
Disassemble engine  
tank block compete inspection of all parts
remove sleeves  
wire brush inner block for inspection
bore sleeves .10  
complete valve job with new seals
reassemble engine  
rebuild hydraulic pumps  
Break in engine on test engine stand, tune, test hydraulics (accumulators)




ue6175 carburetor to manifold
ut12890pd  cylinder head
ue5214  rear crank cover
rh12742  front cover
ue73704  oil pan
ue5608 front cover sealing strip
rh12750 oil filter to block
ue73544  exhaust manifold
07v109235a  valve cover
rh12756  coolant elbow
07v103771 triangle gaskets for heads
rh12793 heater connection on head
ue73619 oil pickup to block
ue73635  thermostat housing
rh12747  intake manifold
rh12812  rear cam cover
ue73915 oil pump to case


O Rings


ue9333 front cover to block & distributor
ue9671 water pump to cover
ck955 water pump to radiator
ua13401 oil pickup pipe
src1468  oil pump to pipe
src1469 oil pipe to block
ue31592 water pipe to front of engine
spc1957  hydraulic pump outer
xb6219 crank pulley
ue8582 top cylinder sealing ring
07v103487 lower cylinder sealing ring