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      We like to begin with our concept regarding service which is do it right or not at all. Unfortunately the majority of the RR's
we have worked on had not been serviced properly. The Rolls design when maintained properly will operate indefinitely. See FAQ for

          Oil Change service fee of 1 hour labor ($95) for the following, change oil, oil filter, check all fluids, grease suspension and
complete factory inspection (this inspection takes two hours for no additional charge)!

          Complete factory inspection is free. When you change your oil.

           Hydraulic Service service fee of 1 hour ($95) bleed entire system of old fluid,  inspect entire hydraulic system.

           Leather Conditioning service of 1 hour hand applied conditioning ($30) includes cleaning, add for conditioner $10.

Electric Push Fan/ Manual override switch installation includes top quality high volume push fan $165 installed in front of the radiator,
custom relay wiring with manual on/off switch under dash area. Labor complete is $250 labor for over ride switch, Thermostat switch still
operates, call we will explain why you should do this!
Generator to Alternator (self regulating) conversion of Cloud I, we use the stock bracket and make no changes
to the wiring so the stock can be replaced very easily (for show) labor for conversion  4 hours +Delco Alternator $125
Remove and Replace engine and transmission see R&R engine

Changes or additions are made often!