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Rolls Royce Automatic Transmissions: We begin with the Silver Clouds which use the GM Hydra-Matic of the 50's, these transmission suffer badly from sitting the plates dry out and then when operated disintegrate requiring extensive rebuilding. The time to remove and replace is 14 hours by our hourly rate. I should add modifications are very difficult due to the servo brake system.

We then move to the Silver Shadows which use the GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 in short they were a great transmission for their time. Rebuild cost  is less than half the Hydramatic, removal from a Shadow is about the same as a Cloud however when the engine is lowered out on the sub frame there is no charge for removal.

Silver Shadow special modifications this department can do things to a Shadow that shakes the Rolls Foundation. Imagine the Shadow does 0 to 60 in barely 10 seconds with our Rolls engine modification and  GM 700R4 Transmission adaption under 6 seconds and for less than any  Rolls Royce repair center will rebuild an engine to stock specifications (we do modify these stock specification by using the technologies available.

You have to call to get detail about rebuilding.

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